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PFDA-Personal Finance Intelligence Assistant


This values make PFDA unique:


1. Value proposition in the market: No one ever came with this business idea, neither with similar business concept

2. It creates win-win situation for both banks and customers.

3. Can be run as own (self-standing) or as part (add-in) to your digital bank account

4. Develops, creates, maintains your family economy fully automatized (by live feed from your bank transactions)

5. Creates budgets based on well-known financial algorithms with possibility to adjust (What-If Analytics methods) and built-in alerts against pre-defined data set of your segmentation

6. Builds benchmarking against pre-defined data sets (imaginary subject) like example: Average family with three children, 60.000-80.000 $ Yearly Income (range where you fall in) and from a selected region of your choice or by default your own region.

7. Creates opportunities to save money, do budgeting, perform on expenses and fix financial troubles based in Machine Learning algorithms learn from other customers and served to you as advisory.






HSA-Hospitality Sentiment Analysis


Travel planning and hotel reservation online has become a vital part of the commercial life. The web is not only an important source of information in connection with travel arrangements, as customers increasingly also uses the Internet to express their thoughts on a particular product or service.

User reviews and comments from guests at hotels online is an important source of travel planning and decision-making process when the customer will book hotels. Reviews and comments from guests represent an objective insight into how the customer is experiencing the hotel, as they rely on real experiences from the customer.




StartUp with great potential in Nordic Region!




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