PFDA - You against OLA (Benchmark)

Your personal economy in your fingerprints

Fig. Application framework in a nutshell





I am on the way to build business concept and the technical architecture of this approach. My team and I would love to share this approach on details, including implementation, if any company, association or bank in the world is interested to offer this service to their customers.

In general, as an active promotor of “DataForGood” campaigns, this can be the best preventive solution for World financial crisis in the future, and in other hand, a good system to guarantee sustainable financial system. You, as bank customer, will benefit for having a smart advisor 24/7 that is able to interact with you in a fully automated format without any manual input. As a bank, you will have the greatest financial picture of your individual customers in B2C (can be extended to business version as well known as B2B), so you have better credit scoring, avoiding bad loans and adjusting interest rates automatically based on customers current financial situation.

In general, here is why PFDA is unique in its business concept:

1. Value proposition in the market: No one ever came with this business idea, neither with similar business concept

2. It creates win-win situation for both banks and customers.

3. Can be run as own (self-standing) or as part (add-in) to your digital bank account

4. Develops, creates, maintains your family economy fully automatized (by live feed from your bank transactions)

5. Creates budgets based on well-known financial algorithms with possibility to adjust (What-If Analytics methods)

6. Builds benchmarking against pre-defined data sets (imaginary subject) like example: Average family with three children, 60.000-80.000 $ Yearly Income (range where you fall in) and from a selected region of your choice or by default your own region.

7. Creates opportunities to save money, do budgeting, perform on expenses and fix financial troubles based in Machine Learning algorithms learn from other customers and served to you as advisory.




Besim Ismaili, Senior BI Professional and Data Scientist

"A decade of experience in the field of Information Technology, where 6 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Design, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, Mathematical Modeling, Statistics and lately Data Science.

• Experienced in implementing/developing large scale complex projects involving multiple stakeholders and complex processes

• Track record of delivering customer focused, well designed, quality products on time, while adapting to shifting and conflicting demands and priorities.

• Experience in Data warehouse / Business Intelligence developments, implementation and operation setup

• Expertise in Data Modeling, Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics SSAS, MDX and DMX

• Experience in development of Data warehouse, Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading ETL

• Excellent record of accomplishment in developing and maintaining enterprise wide web based report systems and portals in Finance, Enterprise wide solutions of BI&Strategy applications

• Two times finalist of DND (“Den Norske Dataforeningen”) best solution in Business Intelligence

• Certified from the best Universities in the World including MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University, UC at Berkeley in relevant fields"'




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